Adelaide CBD

Have you got an investment property in Adelaide CBD?

Would you like to capitalise on the lucrative holiday rental market but unsure how?

Our high return and hassle-free BnB management service gives you maximum rental returns without the stress.

Hassle free

We look after all the details of your Adelaide CBD property including listing, guest communications and property maintenance all while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Maximise returns

We use live market analysis software to ensure you receive the highest possible rental returns for your Adelaide CBD property.

Personalised service

We understand that every property is different. Our priority is to deliver premium service to homeowners. We tailor our services and communications to suit your needs.

Why do visitors love to stay in Adelaide CBD?

Known as the City of Churches, Adelaide CBD is more than the significant structures of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral and St. Peter’s Cathedral. Adelaide CBD is a boutique capital city bursting with entertainment, events, culture, and foodie experiences. From world-famous restaurants and chic inner-city boutiques to funky bars and cafes. A weekend or longer stay in Adelaide CBD isn’t complete without a visit to the famous Adelaide Central Market.

Why short-term rental in Adelaide CBD is more profitable than a long-term rental

Short-term rentals in Adelaide CBD are more profitable than a long-term rental because:

You’ve worked hard to invest in property in Adelaide CBD. Therefore, it’s important to get the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ from the rental returns. By using data informed appraisals, Run My BnB can determine how your property will fare on the short-term rental market compared to the long-term market. Many of our clients are making double or triple their rental returns on the short-term market.

Why investment properties and holiday homes are becoming a more popular choice than hotels in Adelaide CBD

The trend to staying in stand-alone homes with all the mod-cons couples and families are used to at home is growing. We can help you take advantage of this soaring demand. The wide range of properties we manage in Adelaide CBD all have one thing in common – they’re at the premium end of the market and feature:

As an owner of a higher valued property in Adelaide CBD, we can help you get higher short term rental returns. Contact us today for an in-person property assessment.

We know how to make your luxurious property work for you

How Run My BnB BnB management company can help you

We can take care of every aspect of your investment property or holiday home in Adelaide CBD. Run My BnB services include:

Our range of listings in Adelaide CBD focuses on the premium investment and holiday home market. Run My BnB adds value to your property portfolio by:

Our experienced and dedicated property managers take care of advertising, photography and property styling, bookings and reviews, guest management, housekeeping, and maintenance.

How Run My BnB BnB management company can help you

As owners and operators of Run My BnB, we are born and based in South Australia. We live here and are passionate about the events, culture, entertainment and the food and wine that Adelaide CBD offers.

Contact us today for an in-person property potential assessment where you’ll also get an in-depth report that includes:

Contact us today for an in-person property assessment